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Thinkster Hall of Fame

  • Her maths has improved tremendously since using Thinkster

    Louise W.

    Mother of Casey-Joan, Grade 5
    Enrolled since 2013

    When she first started using Thinkster, she hated maths, she now loves maths. It is her favorite subject at school.

  • Aneesh scored one of the highest marks in word problems in his school tests

    Preeti S.

    Mother of Aneesh, Grade 5
    Enrolled since 2013

    Aneesh scored 98% in mechanical maths. He has been doing Thinkster for 3 years and I can’t imagine him sticking with any other maths course for as long as that.

  • It’s amazing what a year of Thinkster can do!

    Vi C.

    Mother of Alyssa, Grade 1
    Enrolled since 2015

    Alyssa scored higher than a 5th grader on her Star maths test and obtained 100% on 2nd grade common assessment test.

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Thinkster is a tablet-based maths learning programme that combines world-class curriculum with personalisation from real, experienced teachers and groundbreaking artificial intelligence. Our technology actually tracks how a child arrives at an answer, something after school “learning centres” have long overlooked.

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