About Us

Thinkster launched a national movement with the website HowLearningWorks.org to encourage dialogue, discussion and sharing of best practices among teachers, parents and students across the globe.

Personalised Math help and assignments on iPads with

Point of Learning Analytics, Gamification and Personalised Learning.

Thinkster is a flagship educational technology platform for iPads from Prazas Learning Inc. Designed to completely transform the way the world looks at learning, the patent pending platform provides teachers and students with a highly personalised learning experience, which focuses on the learning activities that happen at the Point of Learning for each student. Currently available on iPads and Android tablets, it is an innovative digital platform that combines best of personalised teaching with a fun and engaging learning program that supports multiple subjects. It is tailored to every student using a combination of patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART) that allows sharing and review of handwritten work, automatic grading, video tutorials and adaptive analytics.

In addition to a consumer-focused product, the award winning Thinkster platform is used in private and public schools across the world. It offers significant hard and soft dollar benefits for schools that adopt the learning platform to deliver regular paper-based assignments on the iPad. Schools adopting the platform have derived immense benefits to all stakeholders’ involved with a few non-exhaustive ones listed here.

  • Thinkster platform delivers demonstrable increase in student performance

  • Provides capacity expansion for teachers - Thinkster provides educational institutions with a revolutionary tablet-based platform that increases teacher efficiency, classroom productivity, reduces grading times and helps increase test scores – thus reducing teacher frustration and providing a sense of fulfillment

  • Provides powerful insights to teachers on student performance based on their ability to personalise feedback and instruction at the Point of Learning

  • Adaptability to cover all subjects

  • Customisation of Content: Assignments can be customised for a) one-off student enrichment and/or b) pre and post Skills Assessments, assignments, homework and other classwork