Via Afrika partnership

Christina Watson

CEO, Via Afrika

“We believe Thinkster can be a game-changer for South African parents, teachers and students. It can help students who are struggling develop a love for math and the skills to succeed. It can challenge our brightest students to reach higher. And it can help educators and parents transform the education system by combining 21st century technology with the human touch needed to spark learning and academic growth.

Raj E. Valli

Founder & CEO, Thinkster

“We are excited to be working together with Via Afrika in expanding the immense opportunity to provide smarter personalized learning with data driven insights for students in South Africa. Via Afrika’s leadership and dedication in bringing innovative learning and teaching solutions and their market presence as part of the larger Naspers group is positioning this partnership for fantastic success already.

Micheal Goodman

Group Content Development Manager, Via Afrika

“Since my first meeting with Thinkster I knew that Thinkster Maths had the potential to make a significant difference to maths education in South Africa. The passion for excellent education and learning left me with no doubt that a strong partnership between Thinkster and Via Afrika would be possible. I think the name Via Afrika Thinkster Maths speaks volumes about the strength of the parnership that has been formed.