• Thinkster math recognizes that no two children learn the same. Some move faster. Others need more practice.

  • Thinkster math tailors the lessons to each Student. As an intelligent program, it learns what a Student needs.

  • Plus, with a dedicated Tutor supervising the curriculum, Students get the right guidance.

Students love to work on the Tabtor math app because of the engaging designs and immediate, relevant feedback. And Tablets make learning fun!

Game On!

Awesome leaderboards let Students stay competitive and motivated. Students can see how they match up to other kids in their grade and country. A new level of math gamification keeps Students eager.

Exciting rewards for performance each month!

The coolest thing about Tabtor math is the rewards…and badges, too. Students tackle their assignments and get learning and earning.


Bronze Medal

2500 Points

Silver Medal

5000 Points

Gold Medal

7500 Points

Reward Cards