What our customers say about our program

I was looking for an alternative to Kumon when my daughter was in first grade and am so happy that we found Thinkster! Our four-year old son is now also doing Thinkster and we are amazed with his progress. It is not a robotized app or program. Thinkster’s worksheets are customized, based on the skill level and needs of the child. Thinkster also has the added benefit of instant feedback so the child knows right away if the answer is right or wrong. I must also mention our excellent tutor, Priya, who analyzes the submitted worksheets and reassigns future worksheets based on the areas that need improvement. She helps to keep Lena and Micah on track to constantly advance their skills. Also, by talking with Priya every two weeks on the phone, I am able to keep up to date on the status of my children’s progress. We have seen the benefits of Thinkster - it builds confidence in our children and challenges them to do better. I could not imagine going back to doing pages and pages of handwritten worksheets. Thinkster is an amazing program - it is well worth the money and time!!!!

Kristin Godfrey
Mother of Micah and Lena (ages 5 and 8), California, US

When my husband and I were looking for “something” extra for our 1st grader that could put him ahead of the curve and expand on the math skills he’s already developed, we came across the Thinkster iPad application. What we like most about Thinkster is the overall return on the investment. Tabor offers the same benefits, plus more, of those offered by a private in-home tutor or some of the largest chain tutoring services at a fraction of the cost. With Tabor, you have access to ongoing, anytime, anywhere, tailored and personalizing learning support and feedback that is relevant and aligned to not only the learning goals in the school or your child’s class, but also the parents’ expectations.

Additionally, perhaps the most valuable aspect (at least to us as parents) of Thinkster is that it allows the child to take ownership and control over their own learning and development. When using Thinkster, the student plays a vital role in helping to design their own learning experience, talking to and providing feedback to their instructor about likes, dislikes, challenges and successes. On the other hand, for our son—surprisingly—the most valuable aspect has not proven to be the rewards offered, but rather the opportunity to assess his own progress with the immediate graphing of performance data after the completion of each worksheet. At six year olds, this child is excited about identifying trends in his performance with the worksheets—areas of strength and needs for improvement, both in terms of the actual content and completion time.

Anna Hinton
Mother of Chase (age 7), Maryland, US

Midway through Grade 2 we had a parent teacher interview to discuss the educational development of Kiara, our eldest daughter. It was during this meeting that we discovered Kiara was falling behind her class with regard to her mathematical development skills.

It was a concern for both myself and my wife so I started to investigate out of school tuition. After much discussion with other parents and going through forums I came across Thinkster. I have to say that I was very sceptical of the delivery format and the structure of tuition but nonetheless we gave it a try as it was flexible and can cater to our schedule.

Low and behold after only a few weeks we noticed a difference in Kiara. She was definitely picking things up quicker and she was enjoying the tasks on the tablet. Through her summer holidays we persevered and when she started Grade 3 we knew at the very least she has caught up with her year level.

After the first term of school we had another parent teacher interview and to our surprise Kiara is participating in the advanced maths class. Not only has she caught up but exceeds in her class which gives us the peace of mind that her foundational knowledge in maths is sound. We are very impressed of the delivery structure constructed within Thinkster especially the “face to face” with our tutor, Caroline. It helps both of our girls focused as they continue to plough through the questions.

Clem Valdez
Father of Kiara (age 8), Victoria, AU

Thinkster has been an excellent supplement to my son’s academic progress. The biggest plus I see is that, it can be done anywhere on the move (so less whining!). The next major advantage is the sound that annoys him when he gets an incorrect answer which helps him give his fullest attention to get all answers right and also saves us from painful process of corrections. This has made a big difference with his performance and has cut down extra homework time to a large extent. Another big plus for the program is that it is not restricted to core computation, which eliminates boredom and becomes a more useful tool to help with the school curriculum. I have become a big fan of the program and have been recommending it to anyone with a school-age child who would listen.

Sowmya S
Mother of Saathvik (age 8), Virginia, US

We could not be happier with Thinkster. It has surpassed all of our expectations. We were initially skeptic about the idea of an ‘online math tutor’, but after the two-week trial we were hooked! It is genuinely personalized tutoring. The Thinkster academic team is very responsive and has customized the lesson plans to meet our needs at all times. The combination of sound academic guidance with the appeal of using an iPad has been fantastic. Our son has become increasingly confident in math and thanks to Thinkster. This is one of those seldom customer experiences that is 100% positive.

Diana P
Mother of Alvaro (age 10), Bruxelles, Belgium

As a working mom I always wanted to enroll my daughter in Kumon. I heard about the Thinkster program and I can’t tell you how timely and effective this program is. It’s friendly instructors are very prompt and create a personalized lesson plan for my daughter.

Mother of Sanjana (age 8), Connecticut, US

Thinkster is Amazing! I was searching for a Math program which will make my daughter comfortable with numbers and enhance her Math skills. It is nice to see how quickly she solves every worksheet step by step and she is already doing higher grade math. Instructors are very helpful with the videos attached in every worksheet and personalized calls from them definitely adds value . I would like to mention that her report card from School has given impressive remarks on her favorite Subject. Also, it’s very convenient and their Reward system really encourages kids. Thanks a ton Thinkster!!!”

Anjali Goswami
Mother of Siya (age 6), New Jersey, US

This is mainly a note of thanks for once again helping my son be ahead of his class in math. Zayn (age 8) was excited to tell me today that his classroom teacher has just begun to introduce the concepts of rounding and estimation to them and, thanks to the new worksheets you gave him, he found everything in his class to be “so easy”. Most of all, he is enjoying his Thinkster exercises and finding greater relevance in them.

Math is not about rote exercises or memorizing multiplication tables, but about connecting with our world. Thinkster offers a mix of both, since the basics are sometimes unavoidable, though I do prefer the more challenging or game-oriented worksheets for him. The simple (basics) must not become tedious, even though some repetition is still necessary.

Wael Masri
Father of Sophie (age 5) and Zayn (age 7), North Carolina, US

I am writing to tell you how much we appreciate the fine program Thinkster offers to their students. We also appreciate the effort and care you put into providing Emma with math problems that challenge her grade level, and yet balance her abilities. It is evident that you are very careful not to frustrate the student, and yet you manage to keep them moving further along. Many thanks to you for being such an excellent instructor for Emma and to the Thinkster Program which I feel is such a wonderful program. It is very important to give children positive reinforcement ... you and the Thinkster Program provide this!!!!

Florence Belding
Mother of Emma Belding (age 8), New Jersey, US

Casey-Joan loves Thinkster. When she first started using it she hated maths, she now loves maths, it is her favourite subject at school. The worksheets and tutorials have been easy to understand and Casey-Joan can complete them on her own without my support. She regularly picks up her iPad to complete the worksheets without me asking her to. Her maths has improved tremendously since using Thinkster. Thank you.!!!

Louise Whyte
Mother of Casey-Joan (age 7), Birmingham, UK

Our son has been using Thinkster for over 3 months now and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. He is currently in first grade and through the usage of Thinkster, he has accelerated to 4th grade material. Between the affordability, content, convenience, personalization, reward program and technology, Thinkster has been a grand slam!!!

Janet Silva
Mother of Aiden (age 6), New Jersey, US

Thinkster is a great math program for my 10 year old son. The instant feedback and rewards keep him engaged and motivated to do more and more. I love the fact that the worksheets are tailored to match his skill level, so he is never bored. It is very easy to use and challenges him further at his own convenience.

Rina P
Mother of Tej (age 10), New Jersey, US

My daughter started Thinkster this year and seems to like it more than Kumon. She does not require any prodding to work on the system and she usually does more than she needs to do every day.

Jesse T
Father of Mira (age 8), Virginia, US

Before enrolling my son in Kumon, I wanted to try Thinkster. My son has been using Thinkster for over 6 months now and he loves it. Thinkster gave him an opportunity to learn new mathematical concepts ahead of his class. Thinkster's grading system is unique. They don’t just take completion time to grade, they have a teacher in the backend to evaluate their submissions and also look at the rough work. I feel evaluation of rough work is important to ensure proper learning. Another key benefit of Thinkster, has been my involvement (setting up goals for my son) in my son’s math learning.

Father of Shardul (age 6), New York, US

I’m not usually one to take time out to write a review, but I want to take this time to compliment Thinkster. I found Thinkster as a great supplement to education. Currently, my son is doing 3rd grade math and is already enrolled in the advanced program at his school. I am amazed how Thinkster has helped my son in making such rapid progress academically.

Devesh S
Father of Aneesh (age 6), Kentucky, US